Creative Childcare

What’s the point of living in one of the greatest cultural meccas on earth when you can’t get out of the house for want of a good sitter? The city is full of restaurants, plays, worthy fundraisers, book readings, dance and musical performances – but unless you can actually take it all in secure in the knowledge that your kids aren’t parked in front of the TV with a giant box of Cracker Jacks for company, you might as well be living in Anywhere, USA.

With Sitters in the City – a new babysitting service – you’ll never have to skip opening night again. And you’ll be pleased to know that all of their reliable staff are working artists – actors, painters, musicians – who come to your home with a “tote of toys” and supplies, ready for hours of fun, imaginative and educational play.

The agency was started by Eugenia Bachaleda and Kristina Wilson, two musicians who met while pursuing musical theater degrees at NYU. All of the artist/sitters employed by their agency are carefully vetted – through resumes, references, and a thorough criminal background check. And best of all, you can book a sitter up to two hours in advance, which means you can actually make spontaneous plans and, for once, say “Yes!” to that pair of Patti Smith tickets offered up last minute by a friend.

There is a four-hour minimum for all bookings, but you can request the same sitter for multiple dates. Sitters are paid $15 per hour, and are responsible for leaving your home just as they’ve found it (imagine, no dirty pizza dishes in the sink to greet you).

It’s a win-win-win situation: you get your cultural nourishment from a night out on the town, your kids have a blast while you’re gone, and a potentially starving artist goes home knowing she’s well on her way at least to making rent, if not starring in it.

For more information, call 646-246-6024


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