Sitters Studio: The merging of greatness!

It’s like the first time someone had the idea to dip a strawberry in chocolate or make jeans into leggings (just go with me on that). Last night I was in a pinch for childcare and had to opportunity to experience a high-end babysitting service called Sitter Studio that combines two elements: child care and art instruction. Hiring only professional artists and actresses as caregivers, Sitters Studio brings art class (and CPR certified instructors with extensive background checks) to you.

In a moment of panic, I called the agency an hour before I was scheduled to trot off to pottery class. All of a sudden I was anxious about leaving B in the hands of a stranger. What if this was really a child trafficking operation? PANIC! A soothing voice on the other end of the phone assured me Sitter Studio is top notch. Among their referrals are the concierge desks of the areas finest hotels and their client list includes several celebrities. They have been in business over four years in NYC and nearly three in Chicago.

Moments later, Miss Caren appeared at my door. She was everything you’d want in a babysitter, right away. She was a well dressed professional woman with a budding career in the arts that includes a children’s book under development. B took to her with squeals of delight!  As I showed her the boring nuances of the house, Miss Caren was already digging in her bag of tricks. I barely got a wave from my daughter as I backed out the door. She was smitten.

Four hours later I returned expecting to find a fussy baby nearing her bed time and a frazzled Miss Caren. Nope! The house was filled with amazing moods, craft projects for mommy and even a “Studio Scoop” (a written synopsis of all the good stuff moms like to know. Two poopy diapers, check!)

Now I’m a believer in Sitters Studio. The drawback is it’s 20-40% higher than the usual going rates of babysitters, but like so many things in life, the good stuff costs extra. Think of the extra cash that you’re spending as tuition. Instead of hiring a babysitter and dragging your child to art class, you can kill two birds with one stone, right?

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-By Jenna Myers Karvunidis

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