Family Focused Ted Talk

During one of our recent Ted Talk Tuesdays, we watched an interesting talk by Bruce Feiler on a new strategy for decreasing stress in families.  Originally developed to improve software programming, the strategy of agile programming can give children a stake in the rules and decisions of the family, yet still leaves parents in charge.  After implementing it within his own family, everyone felt less stressed and stronger as a family unit.  Check out the link below for the complete Ted Talk.

Ted Talk: Bruce Feiler

Family Friendly Travel: 14 Child-Centric Hotel Rooms

Red Tricycle compiled this list of 14 fun, family friendly hotels that have guest rooms and suites specifically designed with the little ones in mind.  This one in Orlando has kid rooms filled with Dr. Seuss-inspired furniture and decor.  And for parents who might feel overwhelmed by all the wacky colors, the adults’ room – seen just through the door – is much more traditional.  To see the complete hotel list, click here:

The Umbrellas of Portugal

This enchanting street is located in Águeda, Portugal.  The umbrella installation is the work of artist Ivo Tavares.  Not only does this installation create a delightful visual experience, but it also serves to protect the people on the street from the hot summer sun.  The photographer, Patrícia Almeida, has beautifully captured it in this and other photos.  To see more, check out the link below:

Patrícia Almeida on Flickr

Daycare Diaries: Mission Name That Agent

The family of one of our 4yo girls has recently been playing an imaginary game where they are all secret agents. The little girl was Agent 003 (double-oh-three) until her birthday, and now she is Agent 004. And not only did her name change on her birthday, she also decided to bestow secret agent names to her teachers.  Miss Dawn is now Secret Agent Cupcake and Miss Emma is Secret Agent Muffin Man. And our office staffer who comes by from time to time on administrative missions is now known as Secret Agent Meg-a-loo.  Don’t you think it’s time you got a secret agent name too?

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