Last night, several members of the Sitters Studio Staff and Artisitter Caregiver Team went to see the Tony Award-winning revival of Pippin! After awards season, it was a very hot ticket, so we were happy to get the balcony seats we had.

The show was absolutely incredible! While the show is rightfully associated with the choreography of Bob Fosse, this production is staged as if it were being performed by a modern Cirque-style troupe of performers under a big top. Every performer had, or learned(!), a variety of circus specialties, from juggling and trapeze work to contortion and death-defying balancing acts! Each of these specialties was tied directly to the story in a way that kept all of us, and the rest of the audience, on the edge of our seats from beginning to end! We’re already talking about going back!

Art In The Morning!

Yesterday morning, some of the Sitters Studio office staff got up really early and stood in line for The Rain Room at MoMA. In case you haven’t heard, the Rain Room is an art installation where it rains inside and a computer system tracks each visitor’s movement and turns off the water where the people are. So you can be surrounded by rain and not get wet. It’s a wonderful experience. Enjoy the pictures!





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