With Spring Break on the horizon, we’re all ready to put away our winter coats and get out of town! Call us crazy, but packing becomes a little more challenging when you’re traveling with kids. It’s very easy to grab your baby’s blankie and forget  your phone charger, and we’ve all done it…some of us more than once! Minitime, a fabulous resource for traveling with kids, put together some great packing lists that will help make sure your trip goes swimmingly! Click here (http://www.minitime.com/trip-tips/packing-lists) for more information.

These are a great jumping off point, but we definitely encourage you to make your own! If your kids are old enough, having a checklist can make packing fun for them. Ask them to consider what they’ll need on a trip versus what can stay home.  It’ll be good to leave video games behind for a few days!

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