Culture Of Safety – Pedestrians and Bike Lanes

Here at Sitters Studio, we pride ourselves on art and safety. While we’ve certainly celebrated our culture of art on this blog, we feel that it’s time to share the love with our second pillar: our Culture of Safety! Safety is paramount in childcare, and we keep an open dialogue with our sitters regarding ways to further encourage and strengthen this culture.

With the advent of dedicated bike lanes and the wonderful CitiBike program in New York City, we have become aware of yet another teachable moment in the safety of children. In the last few years, our streets have gotten much more complicated. Now, not only do we have to watch out for cars, trucks, and other pedestrians, we also have to pay attention to bicycles in both protected and on-street bike lanes.

Here are some tips, adapted from this list from for a specifically urban environment:

  1. Always look both ways before crossing. Never run into the street without looking and always pay attention.
  2. Look carefully for bicycles before stepping into a bike lane. They are smaller than cars and harder to see.
  3. Avoid jaywalking, or crossing busy streets that don’t have cross walks.
  4. Never play in a street, parking lot or driveway.
  5. Walk when crossing an intersection- don’t run.
  6. Take the safest route with the least amount of street crossings.
  7. Wear bright, reflective clothing during dawn, dusk or any low-light situations.
  8. Always follow traffic signals and signs- they aren’t just for cars
  9. Try to make eye contact with drivers and bicyclists when crossing the road. Just because you can see them, doesn’t always mean they can see you.
  10. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially on streets with bike lanes.

Which pedestrian safety tips do you teach your kids and their caregivers?

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