Ted Talk Tuesdays

Our office has started a habit we call Ted Talk Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we set up the projector, gather our staff and any artisitter® caregivers who happen to be hanging out here, and settle in to expand our minds.  We’ve watched talks spanning subjects from how the brain works to making room for creative thought.  Afterwards, we sit for a few minutes and discuss what we thought was interesting or what we disagreed with. Sometimes the ones we like the most, that are the most thought provoking, are actually the ones to which we have biggest objections!  We appreciate Ted Talks for making us think, for challenging our views, and for providing an opportunity to connect with our co-workers.

To check out a Ted Talk on a topic of your choice, visit http://www.ted.com/talks.

Sandy Hook

The entire Sitters Studio family sends our love and support to the families affected by the horrible shooting in Sandy Hook, CT last Friday. Over the weekend we shared an article from the Fred Rogers Company on talking to children about tragedy with our Artisitters. They found it helpful to be prepared in case and of their charges brought up the subject.

Tragic Events In The News

We hope you find the article as helpful as we did.


-Sitters Studio HQ

Team Cinnamint

We work hard and play hard at Sitters Studio, and this fall we played hard on a Zog Sports volleyball team!  Our team, Team Cinnamint, was comprised of a rotating line-up of our office staff, artisitter® caregivers, and friends. We donned bright red t-shirts and set out to take the league by storm. Led by Kristina’s wicked serve and competitive volleyball background, we were pretty sure we were going to have to make time in our calendars for the finals.

How did it work out?  Well… we ALMOST won a game…  once.  But, we did have a lot of fun and thankfully, babysitting isn’t a business that requires spiking a volleyball on a frequent basis.

A Warm and Toasty Tip

It’s a common problem: the weather outside is frightful, but Baby just keeps pulling his hat right off.  One of our families solved this problem with an adorable solution: a baby bear balaclava! A balaclava is a knitted hood that pulls all the way over a baby’s head; keeping it toasty warm, and hard for baby fingers to pull off. The “Baby Bear Balaklava” raises it from just useful to adorable by adding cute little bear ears. Now, not only is baby guaranteed to be warm and toasty, he’s the cutest kid at the playground.

Handmade balaclavas are available many different designs (from bears to dragons) at various price ranges, and are easy to find on sites like Etsy.

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