“I was so elated when I got a call from the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program, inviting me to the New York Stock Exchange to represent women entrepreneurs for International Women’s Day. Traditionally I am not the type to do anything except maybe the gym at 7:30AM, but for this I thought I should get it together.

After trekking through the snow, I arrived downtown promptly at 7:26AM and joined the other women in the lobby.  When it was time to go in, a man came to lead us through a turnstile and down a hall that opened up into the beautiful stone room that is the New York Stock Exchange. I thought that I would be “cool” about the whole thing, but immediately I could feel my heart start to flutter…after all, this was the stock exchange! As a trained actor I have had the good fortune to meet and work with many famous people. I have trained my body to act normal in the presence of greats like Berndette Peters and Reba McEntire, but entering this massive room I could not suppress my awe.

The space was surprisingly calm. High frequency trading has really changed the landscape and I had to resist the urge to rip pages from my notebook and throw them up in the air just to add a bit of old school to the atmosphere. We were then escorted (past Jim Cramer) to the center of the room, where our speakers rang the bell.  Excited about how the morning had transpired, I stopped on the way out with a couple of my entrepreneur friends to snap a picture. I was very proud to enter my office that afternoon, where 5 of our 7 team members are women. I showed them the picture and I ripped up a few pieces of paper and threw them in the air…”

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