Artistic Childcare Services


Hiring a nanny is both exciting and challenging. Finding qualified candidates is difficult enough, but to make it a long-term relationship you’ll also need to find the right fit. Sitters Studio® Nanny Placement Services use the arts to find and
screen the best nannies for all of your long-term childcare needs. Let us do the hard work on your next nanny search!

Our full-service placements include:

Creating Your Nanny Profile
We’ll provide you with an in-depth consultation to help you identify your childcare expectations and determine the best fit for your family.
Screening Qualified Applicants
Our innovative screening system uses the arts to identify each candidate’s cognitive skills and problem solving abilities, as well as their natural inclination to be interactive care-givers. Just another way we’re using the arts to change the face of childcare.
Extensive Vetting
Just like with our Artisitter® Caregivers, every Sitters Studio® nanny candidate will undergo reference checks, FCRA background checks, and thorough in-person interviews.
Compensation Guidance
Unsure what to pay your nanny? Need help determining benefits and how to structure a compensation package? We’ll provide you with industry standards and New York State laws as well as recommendations specific to your family.
Training and Ongoing Support
Even if your nanny has many years of experience, it never hurts to brush up on the details. Sitters Studio® offers training before and after placement, and your nanny remains part of our community even once she’s been hired, giving her a network of continuing support.