Kids love painting and kids love tap dancing.  How could either of these get any better?  Our daycare teachers found a way.  They put on music, dropped a tarp on the floor, painted the kids’ feet, and let them go wild “tap dancing” in pairs on a big sheet of butcher paper. The kids’ delight was palpable all morning.  They were captivated by the feeling of paint between their toes and they had a great time learning new dance moves from their painting partner. Afterwards, each kid followed their performance with an encore: dancing in bubbles, swishing soapy water around with their feet to help get the paint out from between their toes. When the painting was done,  Miss Dawn picked it up to let it hang to dry and one child said: “We make that? It so beautiful!” It was a great reminder of how the arts are not only fun, but a great way to build a child’s self-esteem.

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