Besides admin work at Sitters Studio, our Office Manager Jaimie works as a freelance Stage Manager for Off-Off Broadway productions. Her latest venture?  Touring Kosova (Albanian spelling), Macedonia, and Albania with a bilingual play about gender and cultural issues in modern Kosova.  Here, Jaimie tells us about the experience….

“After declaring independence in 2008, the idea of building a country is still rich in the Kosova air, and the theatre artists are truly shaping their communities by producing works that matter to them.   For the past six years, my theater company, Blessed Unrest, has been partnering with Teatri Oda, the nation’s first independent theatre company, on three successful productions, both in the Balkans and in NYC.  For our latest collaboration, I was granted a month-long leave of absence from Sitters Studio to tour as their stage manager.

From communicating through  language barriers to managing the tour in a place with new roads, checkpoints, border crossings, and a van with only two working gears to cross the Albanian Alps, this experience provided ample challenges and rewards.  Our show lead to many interesting post-performance discussions and we were recognized in the street, stopped at cafes, and even invited on a two hour TV appearance in Albania.  I came back with a new perspective on theatre and how the world on stage really can influence a community.

Thank you Sitters Studio for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing tour and for supporting artists!”



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