Kerry McGuire, our admin/bookkeeper has worked for Sitters Studio since last July, but her workday includes more than just us.  After leaving Sitters Studio headquarters she heads over to the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she writes for a house sketch team and teaches sketch writing.

“I first came to improv on a whim in 2008, taking a class to get some creative ya-yas out.  I immediately took to the freedom, fun and immediacy of improv comedy. The only aim is to entertain, to put on an enjoyable show and to make people laugh.  What could be better than that?

I have really found my strength in writing. Not that it is easy all the time; finding the discipline to sit down and write can be difficult, and initially it was scary to show people what I’d created, but when I was able to finally get my work on stage I got a ton of joy from seeing audiences enjoy my sketches.

Through UCB, I’ve been able to put some crazy and fun things onstage, from intelligent literary parodies, to a giant pair of shoes and a giant pair of socks who sing about how much they love each other. (Shoes and Socks; Best of Friends.) I do feel the sting of a bomb once in a while, but I work hard and have been rewarded for my efforts.”

We’re proud to have artists like Kerry on our staff, and happy to be able to support her artistic efforts.

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