You may know Robby as that charming guy that answers our phones, but he’s also a talented lyricist.  Here he tells about an exciting collaboration he’s working on with one of our fantastic Artisitter® caregivers and trained actor, Nick:

“Nick showed up to our office a while ago with an exciting new project.  He’d written a play about an imaginative girl named Amy who sets out to star in her own home-made play, but with the help of her nerdy new neighbor, Melvin, ends up on an unexpected journey across the world to save Granny.

Kristina, Sitters Studio founder/singer/actor, read the play and suggested that it become a musical.  So I, Robby, immediately offered my services!  It’s been so much fun getting to work on this. I’m writing the lyrics to all of the songs, with a composer named Jonathan Monro writing the music, and Nick and I are collaborating on the book (the dialogue between the songs). It’s a great opportunity to write a show for kids about storytelling, how theatre works, and why every character in a story is important!

We plan to have a first draft done by this summer, and our ultimate goal is a New York production, perhaps in a festival of new works. We’ll keep you posted!”

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