Daycare Diaries: When I Grow Up…

One of our 2.5yo girls has been showing real promise as a future teacher.  She has adopted the teacher “we” language when speaking to her friends, telling them, “We share our toys at school,” or, “We are quiet at naptime.”  It doesn’t produce the same results as when it comes from the teachers – perhaps its just not as convincing coming from a 2.5yo – but it’s ok, she’ll get there.  Sometimes kids get too wrapped up in the actions of their classmates, and not focused on their own behavior.  In these moments the teachers remind the kids to worry about themselves, not their friends. Mom told us that recently Dad was instructing our budding teacher to put on her coat and head out the door.  She responded to him, “Don’t worry about me Daddy. Worry about yourself.”

Daycare Diaries: Real or Pretend

Last week one of our 3yo boys came to daycare with his new Valentine’s present, a Superman action figure.  His family watched the original movie with him a few weeks ago and he’s been crazy for Superman ever since.  As he was showing off his new gift, he explained to Miss Emma, “I see real Superman on TV. Real Superman know how to fly and he rescue people. This no a real Superman, it my toy Superman. He no can fly.”

Daycare Dialogues


…in the midst of a class conversation about the zoo….

Boy, 2.5 years old: Miss Emma, how about you ask me if I’ve been to the zoo?

Miss Emma:  Have you been to the zoo?

Boy: Nope, but I have been to the museum.

Miss Emma: What was that like?

Boy: You have to be very quiet, (whispering) because people are sleeping.

Let it No, Let it No, Let it NO!

The Daycare Dialogues:
Outside, the first snow of the year was falling.
The daycare children were mesmerized by the mysterious substance, but one 2-year-old boy was getting particularly vocal about it.

Boy: (directed at the falling flakes) NO!
Teacher 1: It’s alright, Buddy, it’s just snow.
Boy: (emphatically) NO!! NO!!
Teacher 1: Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you.
Boy: (very loudly) NO NO NO NO NO!!!
Teacher 1 (worried, to Teacher 2): He’s taking the snow so personally, he keeps telling it to stop!
Boy: No!
Teacher 2: Oh, do you think maybe he’s trying to say suhh-no (i.e. snow)?
Teacher 1 (laughing): Oh. That would make a lot more sense!

Happy Holidays!

America’s Favorite *Holiday* Pastime

The dress up bin at Studio Daycare has an assortment of options for the children to try on, including grown-up sized baseball hats.  Last week one of the girls picked out a hat, put it neatly on her head, went into the corner, and started singing to the wall, “O come all ye baseball!”  She proceeded to make up new baseball-themed lyrics for the entire song!  It never ceases to amaze us how differently kids experience the world and how enchanting their unfiltered creativity can be.

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