Daycare Diaries: Mission Name That Agent

The family of one of our 4yo girls has recently been playing an imaginary game where they are all secret agents. The little girl was Agent 003 (double-oh-three) until her birthday, and now she is Agent 004. And not only did her name change on her birthday, she also decided to bestow secret agent names to her teachers.  Miss Dawn is now Secret Agent Cupcake and Miss Emma is Secret Agent Muffin Man. And our office staffer who comes by from time to time on administrative missions is now known as Secret Agent Meg-a-loo.  Don’t you think it’s time you got a secret agent name too?

Daycare Dining: Green Beans, A Prize In Every Pod!

At lunch last week, one of our kiddos made an unexpected discovery, “There’s a pea in my green bean!”  It was actually just the bean inside the green bean pod, but it was a cute interpretation and a delightful surprise for him.  We feed our daycare kids lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  A big hit lately has been raw green beans.  Maybe that’s because it’s a food with a prize inside!

Daycare Diaries: Need a hero?

One of our little boys was recently playing dress-up and he put together an outfit of a bright yellow reflective safety vest, an orange tutu, and a plaid hat with a flower sticking out.  When Miss Dawn asked him who he was being he proudly announced, “Superman Princess.”  What a great idea!  Imagination without limitation.  Don’t you miss being a kid?

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