Hannah B.

Name: Hannah B.

Hometown: Shawnee, KS – A suburb in the Kansas City area.

How long have you lived in NYC? I moved to NYC in early October.

What is your favorite children’s book? Without a doubt, “The Best Loved Doll” by Rebecca Caudill.

What is your artistic focus? Musical Theatre!

What is your go to activity/craft? I love to make up stories. It’s fun to be playing with a toy that a child has had for a long time, and then ask all about the adventures it might have had. Before you know it, this toy has relatives, best friends, and has saved the world two times over!

What is your favorite food to serve the kids? I love a good PB&J – It’s a classic, and kids always have fun helping make it.

What is your fondest childhood memory? Growing up, my parents had a core group of friends that all got together a couple times a month. So, I have magical memories of these fairly large gatherings with homes full of people I love talking, laughing, and making music together.

When did you know that you wanted to be an artist? I was an incredibly shy, and fairly serious child. That being said, when I was in the fourth grade my family went to see a production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat.” During the opening number, I saw that there were kids on stage and apparently, I leaned into my mom and said “I want to do that. I don’t need a friend to do it with, I’ll do it by myself.” Needless to say, I was signed up for a theater summer camp before intermission was over.

If your dreams were to come true today, what would that look like? That’s a tricky question. Right now I’ll go with the fact that everyone I love is healthy and happy, and I’m in pursuing something that I love to do – dreams come true every day!

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