Talia M.

Name: Talia M.

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

How long have you lived in NYC? 1 year

What is your favorite children’s book? Is Your Mama A Llama?

What is your artistic focus? Drawing and Painting

What is your go to activity/craft? Reading books!

What is your favorite food to serve the kids? Grilled cheese with broccoli.

What is your fondest childhood memory? One of my favorite things to do as a
kid was draw characters from my favorite books on the driveway and side

When did you know that you wanted to be an artist? I have always loved
making art and knew I could never be happy doing anything else.

If your dreams were to come true today, what would that look like? I would
have a job that allowed me to travel the world making art and experiencing
new cultures and people.

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