Artistic Developmental Activity: Musical Scoop Ball

Helps Improve: Gross and Math Skills

Gather: Laundry basket, 30 newspaper balls (scrunched-up newspaper pages) large plastic pet food scoops (1 for each child) or other correctly sized containers, music or kitchen timer.
How to: Place the laundry basket in the center of the playing space and scatter the newspaper balls around. Give each child th…eir own scoop. When you start the music (or set the kitchen timer), the children dash around, scooping up the balls and bringing them back to the laundry basket as quickly as they can. When the music or timer stops, count the balls to see how many have been gathered.
Children get the opportunity to use their gross motor skills by scooping up the balls and quickly bringing each back to the basket while listening to the music which will determine when they will stop. They also get the opportunity to count the musical scoop baskets they made, which enhances math skills.

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