Studio Spotlight: Jason, Operations/Lighting Designer

Guiding the workings of our office by day, designing lighting plans by night, our Director of Operations tells us what satisfies his artistic itch:

“Everyone needs lighting. As a Lighting Designer, I work on projects ranging from theater and dance performances to architecture and events. One of my regular projects is the Consumer Electronics Show, held each January in Las Vegas.  I’m part of a team responsible for putting all the lights, sound, video, and staging up the day before, rehearsing the show, running the show without a hitch (we only get one shot at it) and taking it all down again.  For these kind of shows my job is about the art of time management.

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My Life As An Artist

If you’ve met any of our artisitter® caregivers, you already know how dedicated they are to their artforms.  But we’ve also got quite a few working artists in our office as well!  Jaimie spends any time she’s not with us working as a stage manager, Jason also does lighting design for dance and theater productions, Robby moonlights as a lyricist-librettist, and Kerry is pursuing a career as a sketch-comedy writer.  Every Tuesday during the month of February we’ll feature a recent project from each of these artistic staffers.  Check in to find out how Jaimie enjoyed her theater company’s tour of Kosova and learn about Robby’s latest children’s musical project with one of our favorite artisitter® caregivers, Nick.

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