Daycare Diaries: Bathroom Buddies

True friends are there to support you in everything you do!  Two of our daycare girls have found such a friend in each other as they both make their way through the process of potty training.  Every day at potty time they go to the bathroom and sit side by side on the training potties.  Whenever one of them is successful, the other tells her good job and offers a high five.  Not only is it hilarious, but also evidence of a fantastic friendship!

Daycare Diaries: All Together Now

One of the greatest things about daycare is that it’s often the first place where kids make friends. A 3.5yo girl at Cassatt Studio recently discovered this and, gesturing to the rest of the kids in the class, declared, “Look how many friends I have!”  Not only was it adorable, but also an important developmental step. Learning to make friends means learning how to share, to work together, and to get along with others; tools that will serve our daycare kids well for the rest of their lives.

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